What’s On

The Great North West Swittas Truck Show

A Weekend For Charities

We are proud to support these amazing charities through this year’s event:


Jolly Josh
Jolly Josh aims to relieve the needs of those with additional needs, complex needs, disabilities and those with Profound and Multiple learning Disabilities, their families and carers within Rochdale and the wider area.


Reubens’ Retreat
Reuben passed away on the 21st of August 2012 from an aggressive brain tumour whilst on a family holiday in Devon. His family created ‘Reuben’s Retreat’ as a sanctuary, a place where families with complexly poorly children could holiday, a place of comfort, peace and tranquillity, a place where fun and memories could be made. Later, it was decided that the charity would also support families after the loss of a child.

What’s On



We have some AMAZING attractions this year! We have really pushed the budget out of the way in order to give you lot the BEST YEAR EVER!


Female Fronted 90’s Hit Band

BACK FOR 2024!!




With a carefully crafted set list featuring only the very best hits from the 90s, the band are sure to transport you and your guests right back to the era of Britpop and 90s dance.


Boom Shake The 90s! are the perfect live act for any number of functions and private parties looking to incorporate a classic 90s spin.


The band deliver a highly rehearsed performance to include every song in their repertoire, with special transitions between songs and genres they promise to deliver a fluent journey through the epic decade that was the 90s!



SlingShot Monster Truck was owned, built and run by Karl Swallow and his family. Karl started the SlingShot adventures in 2003 when he decided to move forwards from street legal monster trucks to the real deal.

When SlingShot was first built it was running a petrol powered engine, which everyone said would never be able to compete against the blown methanol engines that everyone else was running. Slingshots first appearance was at the Pro-MT Race Event at Hop Farm, Kent in 2004 and in the 2005 European Monster Truck Racing Championship, Karl came third. SlingShot appeared in its first Monster Jam event in 2005 when Karl performed in front of 30,000 people at the Geldredome in Holland. However, Karl wanted to compete on a level playing field and so upgraded his equipment in 2006.


Now YOU can fulfill your dream of riding in a REAL Monster Truck – at THE GREAT NORTH WEST TRUCK SHOW!

Body: Chevy Silverado 2004

Engine: Supercharged 528 big block Chevy EST 1800 horsepower

Fuel: Methanol 54 yards to the gallon

Transmission: COAN 2-Speed

Axles: F-106 Centers with Clark Planetaries

Chassis: Built by Dan Patrick Enterprises, Inc.

Suspension: RaceSource nitrogen shock absorbers (Stage 1 & 2)

Height: 12 feet

Width: 12.5 feet

Length: 18 feet

Weight: 5 tons

Tyres: Goodyear 66″ flotation tyres

Get in! Buckle Up! and HOLD ON!






Heya! Lucy here, AKA Louby Lou! the North West’s #1 female clown! For 25 years I’ve been spreading giggles, Joy and Fun all around the North West! The best part of being a clown is being able to witness smiling parents, giggling children and above all sharing and creating memories that will last a lifetime! Since the ripe old age of 6, I’ve been developing my skills within the entertainment business, following in my father’s footsteps, perfecting the recipe for the perfect celebration! It starts with a base of good old-fashioned clown skills, laced with a generous dose of modern Ibiza dance tunes and a dash of the unexpected! A true recipe for Excitement! And who knows, maybe one of my 3 wonderful girls will carry the Louby Lou Legacy!

Hey Yeah! Hey Yeah!

We are truly thrilled to have Louby Lou at the show for the first time!


Louby Lou is a favourite across the North West, having entertained children at parties, events, festivals and she even visits hospitals!

She has a dance which we fully expect you ALL to learn and take part with!  The BEST may even be in with a Trophy!


Louby Lou will be performing all day Saturday in and amongst the crowds, and she will also be performing on stage for 3 super special shows during the day!


Get your tickets here!


Keep your eyes peeled on the big screen for Show Times!

The Truck Driving Challenge!



Easy isn’t it!………… Isn’t it?

Ever thought ‘How Hard Can It Be!’  when waiting for a HGV to do a manouvre?

Well here is your chance to find out!


Time to put your money where your mouth is!


We are happy to welcome back Rochdale HGV Training who, for a small charge, will happily put you through your paces behind the wheel of a 50ft articulated lorry!


Negotiate their special course under the supervision of a Qualified Training Instructor, all for Charity!


Next time you do see a truck reversing blind side – you’ll definitley have a little more sympathy……. and patience!

North West Funfairs


A show first for these guys to come along with their best attractions!


We can confirm ‘The Dodgems’ will be coming – so all you lot who can’t drive trucks can at least learn, in a controlled environment!


Who this year will be providing all the thrilling, pant soiling attractions to the show!

We are also promised some prestigeous vintage trucks from Henry and Kurt, including a 1955 SCAMMELL Traction Vehicle!

The Lorry Loader Challenge!


Easy isn’t it!………… Isn’t it?


After making a hash of reversing an artic – why go the whole hog and make a pig’s ear of lifting a bucket of water with a crane..?

What do you have to lose? Your reputation? Pffffft……

Try your skills with our Lorry Loader Challenge and let’s separate the boys from the balloons…. and Ladies – show ’em what you can do too!



Negotiate their special course under the supervision of a Qualified Training Instructor, all for Charity!


Vocal Duo


Joining us again this year we have Pub Lunch – a vocal duo from North Manchester who have been entertaining crowds on stage and screen for many years.

Terry Banham and Zac McIntyre have a catalogue of covers from the last 5 decades to entertain any crowd, and fill any dancefloor.


PUB LUNCH will be entertaining the early arrivals on Friday evening on the Main Stage – bring your dancing shoes!

Custom trucks on show at the Great North West Truck Show 2024

About Us

The Great North West Swittas Truck Show is a charity fundraising event for children’s charities in the North West.

The show is two days of fun, socialising and fund raising put together by a small group of volunteers, each connected to the trucking industry.

To date we’ve raised over £154,000 – and the plan is – to KEEP GOING!

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